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Poinsettia - Christmas Green Spirit 2

It's time for summer, sun, and poinsettias. Stars for Europe’s 2020 press kit is ready for release, filled with a variety of rich content for winter planning.

Each year, Stars for Europe launches a wide selection of styled interior photography and press releases, all showcasing everyone’s favourite Christmas plant: the poinsettia. Each theme is carefully tailored to suit current trends, created in partnership with Europe’s leading names in plant styling and floral design.

This year’s images and texts hone in on today’s current trend for all things natural. Indoor plants and natural materials are proving ever-popular in interior design, helping to create a sanctuary of calm at home; a place to relax and escape. In the autumn and winter months, poinsettias are a great way to lift spirits – be it with DIY decor and crafts, or simply bringing a little freshness into the home. With its bright, colourful leaves, this beautiful festive bloom brings winter...

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