Infinis, leading UK diversified power generator from methane rich gas, update to Smartphone app to protect their lone workers

Infinis, who generate power from sites across the country, have launched StaySafe as a safety solution to enhance the protection and safety of its staff when working on unmanned sites and out of hours.

Infinis required a more streamlined and secure solution to help enhance the safety of employees whilst working alone on remote sites. In light of this, Infinis replaced their previous lone worker system which relied on workers to update their location every hour via text, with the StaySafe app which provides clear and consistent GPS reporting to determine a user’s last known location and their safety status. The switch to this mobile app offers a rich range of bespoke features, relies less on the user and provides a safer solution.

Infinis’ HSQE Manager, Mark Skidmore comments: “Over the last 12 months, we have rolled out smartphones within the company and launched StaySafe as a practical and improved safety solution. We understand the risk to our workers who may be vulnerable when working on sites alone and are able to mitigate risk through the app’s hourly timed check-in sessions.

Additionally, we find the app’s note function really useful, allowing staff to provide us with extra detail about their location in order to narrow down our search if they are based on larger sites and in need of support. Overall, {{we are very satisfied with StaySafe and confident it meets the company’s standards and expectations, to enhance protection of our lone workers.}}”

Don Cameron, CEO, StaySafe adds “Employees in Energy and Utility based sectors can be vulnerable as they are frequently required to work and travel to sites alone, often outside of normal working hours. We’re seeing a big trend in the sector of companies moving away from user-driven/company manufactured systems and dedicated safety devices towards apps because of the prevalent use of smartphones in the workplace. StaySafe provides a way for organisations to know exactly where staff are and if they are safe – with the added bonus of using equipment staff already carry”


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Helen Down, CMO, StaySafe / (+44) 844 561 7233

About StaySafe

StaySafe is a smartphone app and cloud-based monitoring service which tracks employee location via GPS or satellite and alerts their employer if they do not check-in within a specified time. The app offers a wide range of functions including panic button, check-in, man-down and duress alerts. StaySafe currently protects the lives of thousands of employees within both major brands and small businesses, in more than 25 countries.
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About Infinis

Infinis is a leading diversified distributed power producer from methane rich gas, with a total installed power generating capacity of over 450MW, and a utility standard operating platform spanning three power generating divisions: Landfill Gas; Coal Mine Methane; and Power Response which are highly complementary to each other and provide diversification in the context of the changing dynamics of the UK energy market.

Operating over a large geography and over a range of work sites, lone working is often required from Infinis employees who manage and operate generation facilities on Infinis sites.
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