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Pressure Gauge Rises Again as Automotive Recalls Go Up

After a welcome drop in motor vehicle recalls in Europe during Q2 2017, the number has risen by 11% during Q3. This means that after just nine months, we are already on course to see another all-time high in the history of the RAPEX rapid alert system by the end of the year, the Stericycle Expert Solutions Q3 2017 Recall and Notification Index reveals.

With 114 recalls and notifications logged in Q3, the overall number of automotive recalls for 2017 has now risen to 339, a 5% increase over the same period in 2016.

Whilst airbags remained the top cause of recalls, this quarter saw the unusual entry in the Recall Index of seatbelts as a leading problem for passenger vehicles, and the reason behind ten recall events. Brakes were the third highest cause of recalls.

The number of passenger vehicles involved in a recall slightly increased from 64 to 67 quarter on quarter and overall accounted for 58.8% of the total with lorries and buses following on at 21.1% and motorcycles at 9.6%.

Unsurprisingly, given its domination of the automotive market in Europe, Germany was the highest country of origin for recalls with 39, followed by France at 15 and 12 originating in the UK.

Farzad Henareh, European Vice President at Stericycle Expert Solutions, said: “Problems with airbags are widely acknowledged and are being addressed, and we can see that recalls that relate to airbags have gone down from a high of 29 at the beginning for the year to just 13 in the last quarter, which is definite progress. However, as standards for safety remain high, we cannot expect overall recall numbers to reduce. Manufacturers will continue to put passenger safety first, and don’t hesitate to remove vehicles from the market if there is any risk at all.”

Stericycle Expert Solutions encourages manufacturers and retailers to ensure they have a robust recall procedure in place to quickly locate products for effective removal. It has recently launched 4Sight, a recall preparation service that helps companies to decide on the most appropriate recall package to suit their needs and integrates proven best practices regardless of the organisation’s size, geography, industry or regulatory environment.

The Stericycle European Recall and Notification Index is based on data from the EU’s RAPEX and RASFF rapid alert systems. For access to the full Q3 2017 Index, please download the report:

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