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London, UK, February 12th 2008

Taking a leaf from new England Coach Fabio Capello’s book, Steve Errey - a leading confidence coach in the UK - is talking about the need for the life coaching industry to grow up and face the issues that are holding it back, or run the risk that it will only ever deliver just a fraction of its promise.

Errey talks about what he calls coaching 2.0 – a new method of coaching clients that ensures results. Errey says, “The problem with traditional coaching is that there’s no certainty in what the client gets, if anything at all. You go to an accountant because you’re getting a professional service that meets a need you have; you go to a lawyer because you have a solid degree of certainty in what you’re getting for your money. All the time there’s no certainty in the outcome there’s absolutely no reason for a client to go a coach. Why would...

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