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We live in a busy world. At the first signs of stress and work pressure, it's all too easy to drop the very things that help to keep us centred such as revitalising exercise, meditation or going for a walk in nature. But what if there was a way to keep you on track, even in the midst of a demanding working day?

A new desktop application called “Stillness Buddy” may well be the start of a new era of healthier working, by bringing mindfulness practice into the workplace.

Used by thousands of people in 77 countries, Stillness Buddy runs in the background while you work at the computer. At regular intervals throughout the day (which you can adjust to meet your needs), the application encourages you to take very short pauses and follow some simple, yet effective exercises which leave you feeling relaxed and with a sense of inner peace.

In the words of Hector Bolanos,...

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