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How Photoluminescent Safety Signs Save Money and Lives

Photoluminescent Sign

A photoluminescent sign only needs a good source of light to work.

Since the introduction of the Safety Signs and Signals Regulations in 1996, there has been a downward trend in the number of fatal work-related injuries. In 1996 there were 0.9 fatal injuries per every 100,000 workers, in 2017 the figure is 0.4 ( The development in modern signage has helped save lives and reduce injuries in and around the work place.

Stocksigns, one of Britain’s leading sign makers and digital printers with over 60 years of experience, has worked with businesses to provide the latest and safest signage solutions. One of these solutions is photoluminescent signage.

Photoluminescence occurs when a material absorbs photons (light energy) and emits them when the light source is removed. This is commonly seen in ‘glow-in-the-dark’ objects such as childrens’ toys. When this is applied to safety signs it helps provide guidance in darkened conditions.

Danny Adamson, Managing Director at Stocksigns Group said, “Photoluminescent signs do not require electrical illumination. In the event of emergency situations, such as power cuts, structural shock and falling debris, they are more reliable than electrical signs and help guide people to safety. We have also created floor signs and tapes to aid wayfinding during these emergency evacuations.

“Signs such as these have a lifespan of up to twenty-five years when used indoors, as they are maintenance free there is no need for costly regular testing regimes associated with ensuring the correct functionality of electrical signs.

“In addition to their cost effectiveness, the eco-friendly signs help reduce the carbon footprint of businesses and corporations. Enterprises will have different requirements for their signage and some may choose to use electrical signage. However, having fire exit and hazard signs lit 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, they will contribute to the fuel costs of a company. A photoluminescent sign only needs a good source of light to work.”

Often recognised as best practice in the UK, photoluminescent sign systems have also been adopted throughout the EU and USA. Stocksigns Group’s expert survey and installation team provides guidance to businesses with advice surrounding sign placement, legal requirements and best sign practice.



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Stocksigns Group started life as a screen-printing company in 1955 and have become the go-to company for the very latest in signage and digital printing. The business provides high quality signage for all situations and has made many bespoke pieces for places such as Gatwick Airport.

Stocksigns’ sign range also includes all forms of safety signs and general signage including Emergency Fire Escape signs, Road and Traffic Signs, Fire Exit Signs, Braille Signs, Photoluminescent Signs and Hazard and Warning Signs through to No Smoking Signs.

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