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Record numbers of smokers are predicted to quit in January 2009, according to an online store supplying nicotine patches and gum.

Simon Driscoll, General Manager of Stop Smoking Shop, said “We have seen an unprecedented interest in our website in the run up to the New Year. We’ve seen record numbers of people using our online tools to work out how much time and money they use smoking cigarettes – as well as finding out more about the impact their habit is having on their health.

“It takes just a minute on Stop Smoking Shop to calculate the details of how much your personal smoking habit costs you, how much time it takes up, and the real impact on your health.
“Many smokers are also catching on to the fact that like the banks, the tobacco industry is lining its pockets at their expense – and no-one wants to be taken for a mug.”

Mr Driscoll thinks the current interest in stop smoking products is due to two things – the traditional...

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