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The Stop the Silence campaign, which saw billboards appear across the UK last week highlighting concerns of millions of British people about Brexit, has released the following statement on the passing of the Article 50 Bill in Parliament on Monday 13th March.

“In passing the Bill un-amended, Parliament has relinquished its rights to effectively audit, on behalf of the electorate, the UK’s exit deal with the EU. We now question how, in such uncertain times, it can re-assure the public that the final deal will be in the best interests of the country.

For every two voters who want a parliamentary safety net for Brexit, only one voter does not. Furthermore, Britain's reputation for fairness and decency has been undermined by parliament's failure to protect EU citizens’ rights in the UK.

We will continue to monitor public concerns and give voice to the millions who feel that this government has turned its back on them. This week, as...

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