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Controversial, True and Heart Throbbing Books from the Heart of London

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Strand is an innovative and multicultural company founded in 2009 with a vision to make a difference in the world of book publishing

18 July 2011

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Subject: Controversial, True and Heart Throbbing Books from the Heart of London by Strand Publishing UK Ltd

Strand is an innovative and multicultural company founded in 2009 with a vision to make a difference in the world of book publishing. We always search for talented writers from diverse backgrounds and the fact that we look for, and are finding true and controversial topics definitely sets us apart. We are proud to present you with three Amazing, True, and must read books, which will definitely open your horizons.

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Tragedy Of Deception’ by Humayun Niaz - ISBN 9781907340130

This is a true and first hand story of the last days of Taleban rule in Afghanistan as witnessed through the eyes of a neutral and ordinary person. This honest account brings out the true nature of things, as they occurred not withstanding what was reported in the press. The writer makes one amazing revelation after another recalling a series of credible events and makes use of contemporary photographic images in support of his claims. The irony of the story will be evident to most people after reading this account, although separating fact from fiction is never easy, and in the case of Afghanistan this is even more so.
Indeed Afghanistan is never far from the limelight, acting as a playground for another Great Game that has already started and has a long way to go. The last one was played out in the 19th Century, between the British and Russian Empires vying for supremacy in Central Asia - this time the players may be different but the ground is the same.
An eye opening and must read book for all those interested in recent global events which may change the course of history and have an impact on people all over the world; and those of us searching for common sense that is unfortunately not so very common nowadays!

The Assassins Code 1’ by Christopher Chance - ISBN 9781907340123

The main character Christopher ‘Arrow’ Arrowsmith joined Special Forces to see action. Unfortunately, he picked one of the worst moments of the Twentieth Century in which to see it. Middle East tensions are on the rise and Ireland is a time bomb waiting to explode. He is sucked into the secret world of undercover intelligence, and a terrible violence is preparing to rip the country he loves apart, feeding a frenzy of bloodlust that threatens the very survival of his nation’s way of life as unholy alliances are forged.
Journey with ‘Arrow’ as he finds friends in unlikely places and encounters enemies where he should be safe. Possessing a ‘licence to kill’ and with only his lethal skills to guide and protect him, he must cultivate friends in the strangest of places travelling across continents and oceans in his quest to remove the enemies of his Motherland. Adventure, subterfuge, suspense, eroticism, bloodletting and characters to die for: its all here, an engrossing page by page journey by an abrasive, new heroic Brit, initially manipulated by the shadowy chiefs of the British Secret Intelligence Service, but slips his noose in Afghanistan to become a hero to the Mujahideen, the IRA and the British Establishment simultaneously. Everyone who dies in this amazing book is real!

The author is ex Combat Engineer Class1 and expert in martial arts and weaponry with extensive experience in the field of undercover intelligence. To find out more about the author go to the following links:,,

The Challenge Of Reality’ by Sultan Bashir Mahmood - ISBN 9781907340048

This book is a fine contribution to the Existence of God, providing evidence with the help of science and supported with coloured images throughout; essential reading for all those interested in the interface between science and belief and who should care about the future of our world.

Dr Sultan Bashir ud Din Mahmood is a controversial but distinguished Pakistani Scientist with an international reputation. He is known as one of the founders of the Pakistani Nuclear programme, which he and his team developed for the security of the country. In August 2001, he and one of his colleagues met with Osama bin Laden and his deputy Ayman al Zawahiri in Afghanistan. He has denied that he discussed nuclear weapons. Never the less this meeting and his declared sympathy for the Taliban led to his dismissal from the Pakistan Nuclear operations and to being labelled a terrorist by President George W Bush of the United States. He was arrested and tortured by the Pakistani and US Intelligence Agencies. To find out more about the author Google him online or go to the following links:

With kind regards from me and the team at Strand Publishing UK Ltd,

Jane Lee - The Editor
Strand Publishing