– Nicola Phoenix

June 2011 – Stop for a moment. How many people around you are really happy? Are you really happy? Observe the lengths people will go to to distract themselves from a natural state of happiness. What do you think you’d need to do, own or succeed at in order to experience real happiness? What do you think you would need to change about your life? The Spiritual Psychologist, Nicola Phoenix, says in reality, it’s ourselves that are the most important thing and if we choose to, we can all be happy. In her new book, Reclaiming Happiness - 8 Strategies for an Authentic Life and Greater Peace by Nicola Phoenix (Findhorn Press August 2011, £8.99), Nicola examines the misunderstandings we often have about happiness and how we can all learn to experience the happiness we really want by following her 8 simple principles.

Many of us think that people with more money, bigger houses or dream jobs are better than we are, or have a nagging feeling something is lacking or that things could be improved, while others feel lost, in pain, alone, that life is just happening to you rather than truly living it. But Nicola says it’s actually in these moments that we can reclaim happiness. 15 years ago she spent many years being extremely unhappy herself until she discovered in order to get rid of her misery she had to find out why she wasn’t happy and change how she saw herself, her life and the areas of her life that were not working for her.

Nicola eventually realised that the only reason she couldn’t find happiness was because she thought that something was missing from herself. But nothing was missing – she was already there – she just didn’t know what she was looking for, or how to find it. Her light bulb moment was that “we are all right now and in every way complete.” Not when we change ourselves to become more loveable, healthier, richer, more successful, a better person or “I’ll be happier when…..”

“So many people think they should remain unhappy until they have reached their goals (and they may not bring you real happiness anyway), but instead we must learn to embrace our real self, right now, because we all have the potential to be happy.”
Nicola Phoenix

In Reclaiming Happiness, Nicola teaches you how to discover your real self, how to embrace that self, and how to live your life aligned with it. She shows you how to divert yourself from the 8 misunderstandings you may have about yourself and your life, and how to change these misunderstandings into new acceptances and patterns in your thoughts, actions and behaviours. Her 8 simple concepts with powerful proven techniques will guide you towards your ultimate connection with the authentic you, teach you about your own nature, how to embrace it and how to live your life aligned with it.

In Reclaiming Happiness you will learn how to move away from unhealthy thoughts and behaviour and learn how to take a new route through life which doesn’t have to be lengthy, complicated or an expensive upheaval, but instead a diversion to get round the 8 misunderstandings we have about happiness including our divine nature; our personal power; our safety, stability and illusions; our possessions, desires and ownership; our anger, resentment and blame; our self-love; our pathway to inner peace and harmony and our personal fulfillment. These misunderstandings form the 8 chapters of the book and show how you can change the way you think, feel and behave.

Nicola also includes simple exercises and techniques to help readers and poses questions to help you look at things differently. This ready toolkit of techniques will also help if you return to any negative or fearful thoughts so you can continue your journey to embrace your real self and the happiness that you want. Like life itself, it’s what you put in that shapes your journey to Reclaiming Happiness.


About the Author

Nicola Phoenix is "The Spiritual Psychologist" (see with a busy clinic in the heart of London. She is a Yoga teacher, psychologist, meridian energies practitioner, motivational speaker, radio show host and writer. Through her work, Nicola promotes a complete system that guides, supports and empowers all aspects of personal change, growth and development. Her work is about making real change and not just treating the symptoms.

Nicola combines her Western grounding in Psychology, her experience living and teaching a pathway of the Eastern yogic practices and philosophies coupled with her own vast personal insights and acts as a catalyst for people ready to embrace change in their lives. She believes that making real change is about treating the cause of any problem and not just the symptoms and she has successfully helped clients with a range of issues including low self-esteem, anxiety, illness, eating disorders, abuse, trauma, weight-loss, relationship issues and career problems.

Reclaiming Happiness

8 Strategies for an Authentic Life and Greater Peace by Nicola Phoenix (August 2011, £8.99), ISBN: 978 1 84409 542 1

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