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LAUNCH NEWS: SECRET DATES; New Mystery Date Night Concierge Service Guaranteed To Spice Up Your Date Life!

* London dating concierge service SECRET DATES has launched, promising curated MYSTERY date nights, uniquely tailored to provide the very best dating experiences.

* Whether you are a lazy lover, busy parents, a long- term couple looking for some extra excitement, or a semi-single aiming to avoid those awkward first-date decisions, Secret Date’s has you covered.

* Londoners choose fun over romance this Valentines.


LONDON: January 2019 sees the official launch of brand-new online mystery date activity planning and booking service, Secret Dates; promising to revolutionise date night, whatever your relationship status!

From the quirkiest dining spots and secret screenings to concerts and the wildest parties and immersive experiences, Secret Date’s curate completely unique, super cool, date night experiences to match your preferences; promising all of the buzz with none of the hassle!

From just £60 per person, Secret Dates book the venues, make the reservations and include the cost of any food, drinks and entertainment, so all you have to do is show up with your partner and follow your bespoke instructions!

So how does it work? Both parties simply head to and follow the 5 simple steps:

1)Choose your preferred type of experience (weekend or weekday)
2)Enter contact details and date preferences
3)Book and pay online
4)You will receive a text in the lead up to and on the day of your date to guide you along the way – 5) They will also leave some cheeky hints of what MIGHT be in store!

Finally - ENJOY - Look your best, they handle the rest!

All Secret Dates are designed to give you the best dating experience possible with minimum effort on your part! For lazy long-term lovers, stressed out parents and semi- singles alike, it is the ultimate way to dodge (first) date night disappointment!

Whilst they can’t guarantee love, they can guarantee an exciting, spontaneous and fun-filled date night!

Secret Dates comes courtesy of young London entrepreneur and creator of, Michael Boham who trialled the service, to rave reviews, last year after recognising there was a gap in the market.

Ahead of launch Michael commissioned some research amongst London's active date scene and found that 64% admitted their partners date planning skills 'needed help' and 60% admitted they would '100% judge a date on where they took you'.

Interestingly, despite the common assumption that the perfect Valentine date must include a candlelit dinner for two, the research found 77% said their ideal would be to do 'something fun'. So it appears, London's date scene has a thirst for fun over romance!!!

Michael said: ‘There’s nothing worse than having to plan date night when you are short on time or don’t know what your partner likes - I mean those early dates can be make or break for a new relationship! I believe that often times, the best experiences are the ones you do not plan or expect. Who doesn't want a little more excitement in their love life!

We decided to embody this thinking into a completely new dating experience. Often people miss out on some really interesting activities and experiences and prefer to concede to routine.

This service allows couples to take a more adventurous and spontaneous route to shared experiences and quality time with their partners and dates. We only choose to be associated with premium venues, meaning you can rest assured, we are always guaranteed to impress.’

The service is open NOW in London, with plans to expand to the rest of the UK in due course.

Michael is available for interview and requests to trail the service are being accepted.



£60 for Essential experience (ideal for weekday evenings) including venue entry, entertainment, food and drinks.
£100 for FULL experience (ideal for weekends) including venue entry, food and drink and entertainment.

NB: All dates must be booked no less that 1 week in advance.