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• 68% of consumers have seen customer care deteriorate since call centre operations moved abroad
• Just 7% have a problem free experience contacting an offshore call centre
• Only 5% think it is easier to contact an offshore call centre compared to when it was based in the UK

Moving call centres overseas does not lead to improved customer service levels, a survey conducted by Surveylab has found. In this recent study, 66% of participants reckoned their call to a UK company ended up overseas but only 7% reported their call was trouble-free. The vast majority experienced problems:

• 88% found it difficult to understand the agent
• 57% felt that the agent had difficulty understanding the caller
• 42% felt the agent had insufficient knowledge of the product or service involved
• 41% felt that the call centre agent relied too much on scripts
• 38% felt that the agent had no or limited authority to resolve...

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