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Create A Personal Documentary- A Unique Gift To Keep Forever


Jonathan Crane is an award winning BBC TV documentary producer with a brilliant new idea – helping individuals, couples and families to celebrate their life on film. Crane’s brainchild, The Personal Documentary Company, creates beautifully crafted ‘this is your life’ films, for families to watch whenever they like on DVD. Using interviews, family photos, old cinefilm and favourite pieces of music, The Personal Documentary Company creates lasting legacies of loved ones that will be treasured forever.

Families are the most important parts of our lives. But too often we let precious family memories slip away unrecorded. Our children grow up all too quickly, we let time fade the memories of special events in our lives and most of all we wish we’d talked more to elderly relatives about their lives and memories. Now, The Personal Documentary Company can capture those memories and preserve them forever on DVD.

To see some clips from some Personal Documentaries, visit

Personal Documentaries can range from 20 minutes to over an hour, and are delivered in personalised DVD cases. Prices depend on the nature and ambition of the project and start at £3,000 for a basic format.

Some comments from satisfied Personal Documentary clients

Jonathan, thank you again for making this happen. It is the most wonderful gift to give our children and our family..... and you were always so kind and accommodating....and PATIENT! You were a pleasure to work with! Tina S

Thank you again for the wonderful and treasured DVD of my father. I can't tell you how much it means to me and all the family and will to future generations. Louise W


For more information contact Jonathan Crane at The Personal Documentary Company on 0208 789 9425 or 07718 893 483, or e-mail

October 2008