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Could Plasma TVs be the new 4x4s of home entertainment?

Purchasing that ‘must have’ plasma HDTV in the January sales may have seemed a great idea, but what’s it going to cost to run in the coming Year? Could consumers be missing out on an opportunity to save money and reduce their CO2 emissions? sust-it thinks so. is a new website that compares the published running costs of consumer/office electrical and white goods, rather than just their prices and features. It does this by taking the manufactures published energy consumption rates then multiplying this by an average electricity unit tariff. So making it possible to see how much it will cost the buyer to sit in front of that shiny new plasma each day, and an indication of what the New Years electricity bill holds in store. The results can make interesting reading, for example; there are plasma screens available that use nearly 1.5 Kwh (kilowatts of power used per hour) which could cost you £1.18p an evening to watch (5hrs) or £503.04 a year if you watched 6hrs a day. This will generate 1.4 Tonnes of climate changing C02 a year.

The sust-it website has been conceived and developed by TurnRound Multimedia, after it’s proprietor Ross Lammas, became increasingly frustrated by the difficulty in finding the data on the energy consumption of products, whilst he was building an environmentally sustainable office and home in Gloucestershire.

Ross said: “All the information on power usage is out there, it’s just difficult to find. I hope the’s website helps us all to save energy and offers manufacturers and retailers a great opportunity to showcase their most energy efficient products”

If individuals and organisations choose energy efficient products in their homes and workplaces they can have a real impact on long-term CO2 emissions and save money. Simply using growing database to view the potential “per day” or “per year running” costs of electrical and white goods, consumers can make informed buying decisions, which will have less impact on the environment.



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TurnRound MultiMedia, 16 Berkeley Mews, 29 High Street, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire; GL50 1DY

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C02 Calculations taken from National Energy Foundation

TurnRound Multimedia are an independent production company established in 1988. They specialise in all aspects of on-screen communications and marketing. Services offered include: Web design, live events organisation & staging, video programme making in both corporate and broadcast sectors. Their client base is very wide, ranging from Government organisations to Broadcasters, International plc's to small private companies. They have a fully equipped studio based in Cheltenham and Hartpury, which are both powered by renewable energy.

Designer Ross Lammas (45) is the Managing Director of TurnRound, he has delivered numerous multimedia, video, web and conference productions for UK’s top plc's. Successes include, Best software in the Right Start Best Toy of the Year Awards, for Glub the Sub’s Watery World Activity Fun Pack, which was developed by TurnRound. TV work latterly includes title sequences for programmes broadcast Channel Four and BBC 2.

In recent years he has taken a keen interest in sustainable building design and development, having just completed an environmentally friendly development in Hartpury, Gloucestershire.