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Plasma manufacturer Fujitsu revises power consumptions figures after sust-its website revealed potential running costs.


Fujitsu have had to recalculate their published energy consumption figures for all of their flagship plasma screens, after sust-it, the energy consumption comparison website, revealed that their 63” TV could cost over £600 a year to run, based on their published datasheets power consumption figures of 1896 Watts. Fujitsu have now recalculated this figure down to 605 Watts, equating to £209.08 per year. This still seems a high price to pay to for watching your favourite TV programmes. Fujitsu blamed the published errors on technical issues regarding voltage conversions from 100v to 240v.

Sust-it believes that consumers are now becoming increasingly aware of the need to reduce energy consumption, and therefore reduce their own CO2 emissions. This case highlights the need for manufacturers to make the energy efficiency a key selling point, rather than relying on small print in the technical specification sheets.

The sust-it website allows consumers to compare the running cost of hundreds of consumer electrical goods. It does this by taking the manufacturers published energy consumption rates then multiplying this by an average electricity unit tariff, so making it possible to see how much it will cost to run each day. If individuals and organisations choose energy efficient products in their homes and workplaces they can have a real impact on long-term CO2 emissions and save money. Simply using the growing database on to view the potential “per day” or “per year running” costs of electrical and white goods, consumers can make informed buying decisions, which will have less impact on the environment.



The website can be accessed at: Access to Photographs, logos and other support information is available from our website. Please click below to download:

Electricity Units - The unit rate used to calculate cost per hour/cycle is 15.780p

This is based on the following:

Company: npower - Standard Tariff

Region: Midlands

Payment method: Monthly Direct Debit

Based on: Units Rate 1: 15.780p (first 728 units)

Discounts: Direct Debit discount of £21 per year for electricity.

Prices from: 01-Oct-06

Figure taken from:

C02 Calculations taken from National Energy Foundation

The sust-it website has been conceived and developed by TurnRound Multimedia an independent production company, after it’s proprietor Ross Lammas (45), became increasingly frustrated by the difficulty in finding the data on the energy consumption of products, whilst he was building an environmentally sustainable office and home in Gloucestershire.


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