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Top Ten Energy Saving Products in 2010 revealed by sust-it

The sust-it website ranks over 6,500 household electrical goods, from Tumble Dryers to Computers, by their running costs and energy usage. This makes it well placed to reveal the UK's most energy efficient appliances and electricals that were available in 2010.

Top ranking household electrical products in 2010:

1/ Washing Machines – Panasonic NA-168VG2
2/ Tumble Dryers – Siemens WT46W566
3/ Wash Dryers – Hoover HDB854D
4/ Larder Fridges (Medium sized) – Siemens KI25RP60
5/ Chest Freezers (Medium sized) – Liebherr GTP2356
6/ Fridge Freezers (Medium sized) – Gorenje RF60309O
7/ Television 40 inch – Sharp LC-40LE821E
8/ Satellite Set-Top Box HD – Grundig GUFSDTR500HD
9/ Blu-ray / HD-DVD Players – Samsung BD-P4600
10/ Desktop Computer – Apple Mac mini (MC270LL)

Ross from sust-it said: “There’s a staggering difference between the energy consumption of electricals in the marketplace – which we’ve been highlighting through our unique ranking system. Yes, a lot of top energy efficient products are expensive, however there are long-term savings to be made”.

The sust-it website shows how by choosing the most energy efficient electricals you could save over £600 pa off your bills, compared to buying inefficient models.



sust-it’s energy efficiency website ranks electricals by their energy usage and CO2 emissions. It does this through its unique calculations of average usage, combined with carefully researched energy usage data published by manufacturers. The site is constantly updated and contains a wide range of products from TVs to chest freezers.

You can compare electricity tariffs and calculate your CO2 emissions at the same time. The electricity unit rates used to calculate the costs per hour/cycle/year are based on the DECC (The Department of Energy and Climate Change) Quarterly Energy Prices. CO2 Calculations taken from National Energy Foundation.

The site also offers advice on environmentally sustainable lifestyles through its green living section and blog.

The sust-it website was conceived and developed by turnround new media an independent production company, after it’s proprietor Ross Lammas (49), became increasingly frustrated by the difficulty in finding the data on the energy consumption of products, whilst he was building an environmentally sustainable office and home. The site is independent from any manufacturers, retailers or energy companies, and does not receive any funding from any Government agencies, trusts or independent charities.


Ross Lammas
Telephone: 01242 808071


Ross Lammas, turnround new media