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Switch Your Energy!

John Haw, MD - Switchyourenergy


A NEW UK energy comparison site now allows businesses to switch energy online without any human interaction whatsoever.

Newbury based finds great deals for any type of business organisation based on some simple pieces of information obtained from a current bill. An accurate cost for the year is shown, allowing the customer to select different contract lengths and providers and a DocuSign contract is presented ready for signing within a few minutes.

Switchyourenergy Managing Director John Haw believes his company is the first in the UK to offer such a completely seamless on-line service for business users.

“The key to our operation is that we allow any size or type of business to switch energy suppliers without the need for someone to call you back – it’s all electronic including the contract. Also, we don’t make spurious claims about saving businesses money against their current tariff. Other sites compare with standard variable or out of contact tariffs and most businesses are not on these.
“Using our site, you can input the exact usage on your renewal offer and get a true like for like comparison.”

Switchyourenergy is rolling out its web-only comparison service to energy partners across the country and is already in conversations with major UK brands to fully ‘white label’ the site.

“We believe any company that has a relationship with a business customer such as an office supplies, telecoms or IT supplier can now offer an added- value service via our site with almost zero effort. Business customers want to self-serve without being plagued by sales people on the phone. Business owners are smart and are more than capable of pulling a few details from an energy bill,” added Haw.

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT:, Unit 4, The Pentangle, Park Street, Newbury RG14 1EA. Tel 08000 48 48 00