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Symanto Research GmbH & Co. KG

This week at the R&R Munich exhibition, leading psychology and artificial intelligence solutions provider, Symanto will launch their revolutionary new self-serve AI-empowered platform.

The new service will be able to analyse open-ended survey responses with Symanto’s self-serve AI-empowered platform, enabling professional survey insights to be made faster, better and cheaper.

Here are some key points of the new platform;
1. The text analytics engine detects key words and phrases in the responses, and automatically clusters them into topics based on the semantic nearness within just a few minutes compared with hours, days or even weeks for traditional methods.
2. The Emotion classifier is trained to detect underlying emotions of responses and tells whether the author expressed: Love, Joy, Anger or Sadness.
3. Customise the results based on your needs; modify and categorise topics based...

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