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Screenshots of the game are available on request

Leading UK based games design and development company T-Enterprise is pleased to announce that a brand new FAB viral game has been released and is now available for the general public to play for free. This is no ordinary viral game though. Instead of being a one off game that players can play as many times as they like to move up the leader board, it is a unique and innovative gaming experience that is designed to provide a contest over the course of 13 weeks. As with all other FAB games that T-Enterprise has released, it is based on one of the hottest topics of the week. However, it may be more accurate to say that it is based on one of the hottest topics of the summer. It is The Ultimate Big Brother Quiz to crown the ultimate Big Brother fan. As it is the final Big Brother series to be aired this year, it seemed fitting to produce a game to help it bow out in style.

In The Ultimate Big Brother Quiz,...

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