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UK’s First Matcha Tea Blended Especially For Exercise

T-tox has launched the UK’s first ever blended Matcha tea especially formulated for improved wellbeing, health and fitness.

Limited samples available. To request , please contact AJ Sharp on

The T-tox blended Matcha tea range is made using only the best ceremonial grade Matcha. The benefits of Matcha are well documented, it is evidenced to boost metabolism, burn calories, naturally detoxify, calm the mind, relax the body, enhance mood, aid concentration, promote healthy skin tone and lower blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol.

Matcha Energise (pre-workout)
Better prepares you for activity and exertion by blending Japanese Matcha green tea powder, Ginger powder, Guarana powder, Ginseng powder and Gingko Biloba powder. RRP £25 for 40g (63p per...

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