TTi Global Launches Tailored Market Research Package for Start-Ups and SMEs

Leading Slough-based market research firm, TTi Global, announced this week the launch of an affordable market research program tailored specifically to the needs of small and fledgling businesses. The company revealed how effective customer and employee research is crucial for identifying customers’ and employees’ changing needs, helping them navigate market uncertainty and build resilience.

The Thames Valley has slowly emerged as a hub for exciting new businesses, with productivity levels rising to over a third higher than the national average in recent years and, inspired by the number of new, innovative businesses appearing in the area, TTi Global developed these new packages to break down the research barriers faced by start-ups and SMEs, which is essential for enabling companies to survive and to unlock new opportunities.

Glyn Luckett, Commercial Director at TTi Global, explained:

“One of the biggest challenges for fledgling companies is financing market research.
It doesn’t matter if you’re starting a new business or expanding, researching your target market is a fundamental part of effective business planning - it also isn’t as expensive as you might think. Secondly, by acquiring rigorous, evidence-based insight into who will buy/is buying your services or products, what they want from your brand, and how this changes over time – a prime example, being identifying and understanding how your customer perceptions may have shifted during the coronavirus outbreak - will help you build a focussed marketing and sales strategy, securing more sales and building a strong customer base.”

TTi Global’s latest market research package features access to a full suite of the firm’s qualitative and quantitative research tools including in-house CATI call centres for conducting customer surveys, and access to its unique, in-depth data collection and analysis frameworks such as Customer Experience Quality Analysis (CEQA). It also incorporates extensive customer profiling for B2C and B2B audiences.

Glyn Luckett added:

“Market research isn’t just for large, established organisations that have already cemented their position in their marketplace - if anything, it’s even more crucial for start-ups and smaller companies. Formulating a new business idea is often time and resource intensive. In the intense start-up period, it’s understandable that many new businesses overlook mining customer information or look, but in broad-brush terms. Done well however, thorough customer profiling gleaning exactly who your customers are, and their motivations to buy is a powerhouse for driving growth through marketing. TTi Global has developed this package to provide new and growing enterprises with the insights they need to successfully bring new ideas to the market.”

During the development process of these new market research services, TTi Global analysed the unique experiences, needs, and challenges faced by new and growing businesses in the current market to design a customisable framework that helps:

• Pinpoint the demand for your services and products

• Identify your target customers – who they are, where they are, what they need and whether their needs have shifted in response to Covid-19, what motivates them, encourages them to talk about you and engenders their loyalty

• Discover different opportunities in the marketplace you may not have been aware of

• Support development of an effective employee engagement strategy

• Isolate how to manage your stakeholders’ needs at different points in your growth plan

TTi’s expert research team have wide sector experience and deliver all aspects of customer, employee and stakeholder research, overseeing each individual research programme from start to finish, including set up and survey design, interpretation and analysis and results reporting – showing clearly where opportunities lie and where change is needed to get ahead.

To find out more about commissioning your own customer or employee satisfaction research for a new or growing organisation, contact TTi Global.


About TTi Global Research:

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TTi Research has been delivering respected market intelligence for more than 30 years for private and public sector organisations across a vast range of industries and are the market research partner of choice for organisations including Haymarket, Northern Gas Networks, Jaguar Land Rover, Radian, Skanska, Honda and more.

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