Skip nav, the business video platform for online publishers, has dramatically increased its customer base by moving to a revolutionary, simple and transparent pricing structure.

Denis Maryk, CEO of TVBUZ said today, "While attending industry conferences, it became clear that customers who paid a monthly fee to online business video platforms were upset when their monthly bills were hugely inflated by extra costs of bandwidth and storage charges, so here at TVBUZ, we decided to be totally transparent and charge a simple monthly pricing structure with no surprises at the end of each month.

Denis Maryk CEO of TVBUZ says “Yes, we are losing money on bandwidth and storage charges, but that has been more than compensated by attracting many new businesses from the SME sector. Our starting level at £10 per month for 10 videos is now so competitive, that it is easily affordable by all levels of small businesses”

"The single price video platform"...

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