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TVCatchup Limited and Graham Martin have formed an exclusive joint venture company called Catch My Bet Ltd offering a wide range of betting and gaming facilities with live racing and sporting events on its new branded TV Betting Channel that will be available on This service is available via your computer, iphone, ipad or games console.

TVCatchup is headquartered in London and is the first and largest aggregator of online, live streaming television. TVCatchup is the dominant viewing platform for streaming free to air television in the rapidly expanding Internet TV revolution.

TV Catchup is an internet television service for viewing certain UK channels from free-to-air digital terrestrial and satellite broadcasters live without the use of a television receiver. The service re-broadcasts BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Channel Five and free to air Sky channels allowing users to watch from a choice of over forty-five free-to-air channels, all of which are preceded by streamed commercials.

The service is only accessible in the United Kingdom and according to TV Catchup's own forums The website has stringent IP monitoring facilities that they use to detect and block multiple accesses from the same IP as well as all proxy and VPN access. The service is funded by advertising, with a pre-roll advertisement preceding the live channel stream.

The service makes it abundantly clear that users should be in possession of a UK TV licence to watch television as it is being broadcast and has introduced strict geo blocking and encryption measures to prevent direct access by those not entitled to use the service. TV Catchup is experiencing rapid growth with more than 100,000 new users signing up each week and now has almost 10m registered users.
The Joint Venture, Catch my Bet, will operate with localised management administering multi-language channels from its gaming portal. It will have local customer service and management in key markets.

The Joint Venture will also offer B2B gaming services to companies wishing to outsource their operation and licensing requirements in the gaming sector.

Graham is a third generation bookmaker and Founded Bonne Terre Limited in 1997 when he originated the first Offshore Gaming Law in the Bailiwick of Guernsey resulting in the establishment of the original legal offshore Internet gaming jurisdiction. Subsequently, this company was issued with an Electronic Betting Centre licence by the Alderney Gaming Control Commission (AGCC) in February 1998. It successfully operated a fixed odds betting service via telephone and the internet under the trading name of Surrey Sports.
On the 27 September 2002 the AGCC issued an Interactive Gaming Licence to Bonne Terre Ltd, now a wholly owned subsidiary of BSkyB Group plc., operating as Skybet, one of the UK's largest companies.

Graham became Chairman of Probability Games Corporation Limited, now trading as, Probability PLC which eventually listed on AIM in August 2006, and is now the World’s market leader in mobile phone gambling services and technology. Its proprietary technology delivers an integrated portfolio of casino, bingo and slots entertainment to players using over 4,000 models of mobile phone. Gambling Operations are licensed in Alderney. Importantly, its mobile e-wallet, certified by the FSA, handles all payments for customers. With the market for mobile gambling in its infancy, the Company has first mover advantage as industry leaders in new and distinct markets for remote gambling. London 2003 – 2006. It was the 4th fastest growth company in the UK between 2004 – 2009 as well as being the 12th fastest growing company in the EMEA during the same period.

In 2011 Graham founded and owned Scotbet International Limited the holding company for Scotbet Limited, Morrisons 24/7, its telephone and online betting business, and, Morrison’s Bookmakers, Scotland’s largest Scottish bookmaking company. During 2011 Graham was CEO of the Group.

In 2012 Graham joined the Groupe Partouche France-Pari partnership, Partouche Interactive, with responsibility, as a Director and Shareholder, to facilitate International expansion via the partnership’s website brands.

The Partnership has announced that it will enter the United Kingdom online sports betting market: it will, at the same time, target other Internet gaming jurisdictions outside France. These markets will be accessed through the license obtained by Partouche Interactive in the jurisdiction of Malta, which licenses and regulates online gambling operators through the Lotteries and Gaming Authority.
Partouche Interactive develops, manages and markets a variety of gaming products for the Web, TV and Mobile devices using its own proprietary technology, providing a variety of games and betting products. To conduct this business licences have been granted in Malta, Gibraltar, Belgium and France.

Groupe Partouche has 49 casinos in Europe, since purchasing its first casino in 1973. In addition to its gaming activities, the Group has 19 hotels, 130 restaurants and 2 golf courses.

In addition to the foregoing Graham has advised a number of Public and Private Gaming companies throughout the World where he has also written or amendment a number of jurisdiction’s new or old Gaming Laws to bring them up-to-date with the new forms of betting platforms he pioneered.

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