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Drag and Shop - An ad thats useful!

Drag and shop

made possible with artificial intelligence powered visual commerce

SuperSync, the advanced banner division of TVGuide, has launched its first AI banner for Fetch and

The new banner is delivered as an MPU (300x250) unit on fashion-related articles on TVGuide. Users can drag any image containing a dress onto the banner ad to find matching dresses available at

This is made possible by using artificial intelligence software provided by ViSenze the artificial intelligence company powering visual commerce.

The team at SuperSync used this technology to build a banner with image-recognition capabilities to match photos from red carpet events or TV with dresses available on, allowing users to actually buy what they see. is the first fashion brand to test out this new ad format. The campaign runs until the end of May to promote the new Spring range of dresses by

This is the fourth innovative ad format by SuperSync, after the launch of three others including:
1. TV Sync - Using audio to offer real-time syncing of TV adverts with mobile ads
2. Subtitle Sync - The ability to sync mobile ads with words spoken on TV
3. Chat Sync - Syncing TV adverts in environments where users are talking about TV

Chetan Damani, Director of TVGuide said: "Continuing our commitment to building better ads for both brands and consumers, we are thrilled to deliver the UK's first image recognition-enabled banner for"

"SuperSync has a history of adapting to modern online buying trends by integrating innovative technologies into its ad formats," said Oliver Tan, CEO and co-founder, ViSenze. "Offering consumers an easy path to purchase by allowing them to drag product images into banner ads turns a passive display advertisement into an active opportunity for customer conversion. This new powerful, seamless experience is made possible with artificial intelligence powered visual commerce, which is rapidly becoming mainstream in online retail today."

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About SuperSync
SuperSync is the advanced banner division of, the UK's leading global TV and entertainment media platform.


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