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Mums Love Chocolate

Talk to Mums survey reveals mums consume the most chocolate in the household

It’s official: mums across the UK love chocolate! We asked 1,850 mums what they think about chocolate and found that over 50% consume more then 2-4 x 150gram bars per week.

The Talk to Mums Survey has revealed that mums eat 10% more chocolate then their partner or their kids. Despite the fact that over 72% of the mums who took part in the survey have a healthy diet and over 45% exercise more than twice a week.

Nearly three-quarters of mums (72%) revealed they consume the most chocolate from the comfort of their home. Users cited reasons why as, for a snack, when I’m hungry I grab some chocolate to keep me going or when I need a little bit of extra energy. Milk Chocolate is their favourite...

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