Skip nav launch a new biking initiative

The safe biking website has been launched by Equity Insurance Group, Hastings Direct and, who provide motorbike insurance for around one in every three bikes on British roads. With these credentials, it is only right that we support the biking community to improve road safety awareness.

During the coming months, we will be announcing a date for a Safe Biking Day which supports the government's THINK! motorcycle safety campaign, aiming for a 40% reduction in casualties by 2010.

We are also supporting Ride to Work Day on 18 July, using the high profile day to emphasise the need to ride safely. We will be inviting the public to visit our site at to register and participate in the interactive forum, and to enter our prize draw for a fantastic day at Riders Edge.

You can get involved by sharing your own safe biking tips.

Make every day a safe biking day. Go to Insure carinsurance for more information and news.

For further information please contact:

Neilson Hall
T: 0208 995 7878