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17 March 2005


Leading dieticians, GPs and nutritionists are confirming their support of, and belief in, a low carb lifestyle, in light of the announcement of the departure of Atkins Nutritionals - which advocated an almost complete removal of carbohydrates from the diet - from the UK today.

Dr Ian Banks, president of the European Men's Health Forum and Dr David Haslam, chair of the National Obesity Forum have stated very clearly that a low carb lifestyle can be very beneficial in terms of reducing the current obesity crisis facing the UK today.

It is estimated that three million people in the UK are currently living a very successful low carb lifestyle – via food ranges such as Xcarb, launched mid 2004 and now listed in leading supermarkets such as Sainsburys – this number includes Dr Banks himself, who has lost almost four stone by simply and responsibly reducing his carbohydrate...

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