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World Environment Day is for drivers too. More drivers should be aware of recycled vehicle parts - a simple repair choice that saves money and helps the environment

London, United Kingdom

Cars aren’t going away any time soon, and those of us who love our air-polluting, fossil-fuel consuming, primary means of transport wouldn’t want them to. That’s why it’s so important that drivers support sustainability in the automotive industry.

With this in mind, automotive software company Autofinity is shining the spotlight on recycled green parts as an easy way we can all ‘do our bit’ for Mother Earth on World Environment Day and beyond.

When a vehicle needs replacement parts, there are several options that the garage can use but the cheapest and most environmentally friendly option is to fit a recycled part.

Recycled parts come from end-of-life vehicles which have been professionally dismantled. They are much cheaper than new parts because they are second hand, but as original equipment parts, they will fit perfectly into the same make and model of vehicle as the one they came from.

Unfortunately, the majority of vehicle owners are unaware of recycled parts as an option when it comes to professional car repairs. Until fairly recently, sourcing of recycled parts by repairers has been a time-consuming process, leading them to avoid offering the choice to customers. However with companies like Autofinity solving procurement issues, there is no reason that this shouldn’t change.

Autofinity COO, Dave Clarke, says: “People should be aware that they have a choice when it comes to replacement vehicle parts. And once they are, I’d hope most would make the wallet and environmentally friendly choice and opt for a recycled part over a new part.

“In the midst of a throwaway culture, our business works at the heart of the used vehicle lifecycle, helping the industry keep its environmental promises and meet its goals for sustainability. We believe it’s important to educate people about the cars they drive, so that they can make informed decisions that keep their running costs down and do their bit for the environment.”

The greatest changes in business come from consumer pressure, so if you do one environmentally friendly thing on World Environment Day, make it a request for recycled parts on your next repair.

Autofinity is running a facebook campaign for World Environment Day asking people to pledge to do #OneThing on 5th June to reduce the impact of their vehicle on the environment and share it with their friends and family. Visit the Autofinity facebook page to participate.


About Autofinity

Autofinity builds premium software packages for the automotive industry which create new business opportunities at key stages of a vehicle’s lifecycle.

Parts is procurement software that allows a repairer to source and buy a variety of vehicle parts, including recycled green parts.

Autofinity is committed to supporting a sustainable automotive industry. Our products help to prolong the life of vehicles and keep them on the road, while encouraging environmental action with regards to resale, reuse, recycling and disposal of vehicles.

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