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At last, affordable GPRS Roaming is here!!!

TariffMan Ltd, have just negotiated a GPRS tariff which will see the end of the extreme costs of using your PDA or Laptop wirelessly whilst abroad for collecting emails and surfing the internet.

Unitil now, consumers, holidaymakers and business travellers alike have been getting stung by the high and often confusing tariffs charged by domestic and overseas networks when using GPRS to connect to the internet when overseas.

"The segmented nature of the mobile telecoms industry within Europe coupled with different levels of technological capabilities of the relevant GSM networks, has meant that mobile users have been getting charged ridiculous amounts per Mb(Megabyte)! often as much as £12.00. On top of that, users will have been getting charged, 'Session' fees which amount to an access fee every time they log back onto the network after disconnecting, even if it is during the same day." Lee Walkey CEO of Tariffman.

"Different networks from different countries may even charge for their GPRS usage in different ways. For instance, in the UK we usually charge by the Kilobyte, but in some other countries they often charge in higher increments such as every 10Kb or even 30Kb. Obviously, not knowing what you are being charged for or how you are being charged for it, can create a mental nightmare for most users and additionally, as the bills for international roaming tend to arrive on average 2 months after your trip, it can often turn into a financial nightmare also."

TariffMan have negotiated a single European tariff which covers the entire EU (including the UK). This tariff, carries a low monthly cost of around £4.00 but the best thing is that the GPRS is charged at £1.50 per Mb and Billed by the Byte!!! no matter what country or what network you are on whilst you are within the EU. There are NO GPRS session charges, you simply pay for what you use.

This is great news for Travellers and holdaymakers who like to stay in touch via email and for business users who need email and web access whilst they are away.

This is a first for this type of tariff and a similar deal is also available for the US, Canada and Mexico.

For further details, please contact Lee Walkey on or visit our website