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Smallest GPS tracker ever!!!

TariffMan ahve today announced the release of the smallest ever GPS Tracker, The VELO.

The device is manufactured by a 3rd party, but it is the combination of one of our GPRS sim card tariffs which has enabled us to offer a superb tracking package.

The Velo has a super-sensitive 'active' GPS receiver which allows for more accurate and faster gps positions. It has an integral movement sensor so that you can be alerted if it moves without authorisation. And it also has a central Panic button so that it can be worn as a personal safety device.

The Velo can also, be armed and disarmed by way of a key-fob, making it perfect for tracking Motorbikes, Quad-bikes and jet-skis along with the more traditional assets such as Cars and Vans etc.

On top of this, should anything untoward happen and you become suspicious of what is happenning with your asset, you can covertly 'call' the VELO and listen to what is going on in the immediate vacinity of the unit. This is vital if you need to know if someone is in real trouble or if it has been a false alarm.

The VELO can be hard-wired into any asset which has a battery or its own power or it can be used as a stand alone device such as when worn about the person. (Battery life is in the region of 4-5 days under optimum conditions)

As far as we can tell, the VELO is the smallest GPS/GSM/GPRS asset tracking device available,and can even be used as a key-ring. Coupled with our GPRS tariff, it is also the most cost effective.

Prices are set at £199.00 inc vat but there are NO contracts to sign and NO monthly rentals. This price includes up to 2000 positions each month for the first 12 months. After that, an annual payment of £20.00 is required for continued tracking.

This device is perfect to attach to Kids, school bags, young drivers keys, teenagers who are out late at night, lone workers, motorbikes, Quad-bikes, jet-skis or even just thrown into your luggage before you fly on holiday so that you can easily trace your luggage quickly should it get lost!!!!

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or contact me by email on:

Kerri Adams
Sales Manager
TariffMan Ltd