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An end to lost luggage?

Tariffman are now looking to offer their Velo GPS and GSM tracking device to help with the huge Global problem of lost luggage.

In the US alone almost 250,000 bags go missing every month, and although this costs the airlines and the insurance companies Billions of dollars in manhours searching for them, dealing with customer complaints and finally compensation if the items are not recovered; no real solution is overtly available.

"We suspect that the issue is a combination of cost and security. By this we mean that the technology is there to track the items but it would mean the complete overhaul of baggage reclaim infastructure with almost every international airport being updated with new sensors. On top of this, any electronic radio equipment attached to or inside luggage has always aroused serious security concerns." states Kerri Adams, TariffMan

However, now with the imminent launch of GPRS and other radio services within the aircraft themselves, the arguments over the blanket restriction of GSM technology on planes is becomming diluted.

On top of this, mobile phones left accidentally switched on in luggage placed inside the hold of an aircraft have never been proven to have caused any issues with the safety of the aircraft.

"By placing the tiny Velo GPS tracking device inside your luggage before you travel, you stand a much higher chance of being able to locate it should it get lost simply by texting it, or looking online." continues Ms. Adams.

"obviously, this technology will not prevent your luggage from going missing in the first place but it should enable you to recover it as quickly as possible this minimizing the impact on your travel plans and also minimizing the financial impact on the airlines. As far as we can see, there is nothing here but a 'win win' situation and we are seeking to have this solution endorsed and pushed by everyone involved in the industry."

irrespective of whether the airlines or the insurance companies offer this service at a small premium or customers take the matter into their own hands, the solution is right here in the New VeloCITY from Tariffman. And at a Cost of £99.00 for the device and an annual licence fee of just £10 per unit, it is a very affordable system compared to the cost of losing your luggage.

The VeloCITY is a slightly "dumbed" down version of the New VELO and should be available within the next 4-8 weeks.

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