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The worlds smallest, thinnest and most covert GPS, GSM and RF tracking device ever

The worlds smallest GPS, GSM tracker

CATS-i ltd are pleased to announce that the CATSi device so eagerly anticipated is finally coming out of R&D.

The CATSi, uses the smallest and lowest profile components available to create an extremely small and thin GPS,GSM and RF tracking product.

Designed to track almost any asset from pets and people through to cars, motorbikes and HGV's the CATSi will open up markets that have never been accessible to GPS tracking before.

The CATSi can come in several variants from completely waterproof to long battery life. The CATSi device is battery powered as standard but it can also be hardwired to vehicles or solar powered.

The CATSi’s main unique selling points are its dimensions: Depending upon the model that you need, the CATSi will measure from 45mm x 35mm x 12mm to 70mm x 45mm x 8mm (flexible).

The CATSi is designed to provide the best possible chance of recovering your "tracked" asset regardless of its current location. The inclusion of an RF beacon allows for accurate locating when hidden inside buildings and a new GSM location technology provided by a partner of CATS-i Ltd provides almost GPS-like accuracy in mapped areas.

The CATSi device is the most adaptable and versatile GPS tracking system available to date and the company are now looking to showcase the product from the 1st week in July 2009.

"it has been a long and often bumpy road to get here" says Lee Walkey, CATS-I Ltd’s Sales Director "but the end product is entirely worth it and we know that it will blow the GPS tracking industry wide open to almost any asset of value. The tracking of motor vehicles will no longer be the industry standard."

The CATSi will be priced to compete with almost any other similar system currently on the market, but its mass market consumer potential will be its driving focal point.

To book a demonstration of the new CATSi product, or for more information on the system, please email Lee Walkey on or visit us at .