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MSP rebrands to Techary with a bold vision for the future

LONDON, 19th July 2021
Stephens IT announces today that it has successfully completed a major rebranding to Techary as it looks to bring innovation to the market and continue expanding globally.
· Rebrand includes Firefly Resources (acquired in March 2020) integrated into the wider business Resources division
· Techary was founded nine years ago, in 2012, and currently has offices and staff in New York and London, but has delivered projects in over 30 countries for international clients
· The new brand will operate through four key business divisions consisting of Support, Projects, Procurement and Resources
· Techary looks to redefine the way customers procure, implement and support their technology estate with a bold view on innovation and automation
"We're not the same business we were nine years ago when the name was an easy choice. The business has grown significantly, and our brand did not reflect the business we now operate." Founder and CEO Tom Stephens speaks regarding the reasons for re-branding.
"In the last nine years, we've built a business from the ground up, into a global business with $5million in combined revenues. We've kept very quiet as we've grown, with little or no media coverage or public knowledge of what we do, who we work with or how we're looking to stand out in the crowded MSP market. The next phase of our business is to continue with our global expansion plans and start speaking about what makes us different, how we are looking to bring innovation and challenge the status quo of how IT suppliers are supporting their clients.
Launching Techary is that the start of this key phase for us, we've taken what we've learnt in building our business over the last decade, spoken to our customers and are building solutions that we believe embrace the future of technology.
"We have a vision for the future and it's that the support of technology isn't innovating at the same rate as the technology itself". In a bold statement, Tom has a vision that the MSPs and IT providers are not keeping pace with the technology they support. Our focus is our customer with relentless effort to ensure we help them leverage technology to succeed.
About Techary
Techary has a mission statement to redefine the way customers procure, implement, and support their technology. Operating through four distinct business units, Techary is able to support the entire IT stack and works with businesses of all sizes, from small start-ups through to global FTSE 250 companies, across the globe. Techary looks to deliver clients with a fresh approach to with "Technology - done differently" the brands tagline.
For more information on the rebrand - please see our rebrand webpage to also watch our video describing the whole process in further detail.

Visit the Techary website for more information and to stay in touch with updates.
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