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Despite being one of the most powerful compact skirting heating systems on the market today with output over 200W/metre at 60oC, Climaboard skirting board heating systems are ideal where a low surface temperature is required for safety reasons.

Powerful enough to work with low energy systems such as heat pumps and solar tubes, the system can be used for quite large rooms without running out of wall space as can often happen with less efficient systems. The clever design ensures that all 15mm pipework, connectors and valves are safely concealed within the skirting profile so that the system when properly installed complies with NHS Estates Health Guidance Notes 1998 which stipulates that the surface temperature should be less than 43 degrees C with inlet water at 83 degrees C. Compliance with this requirement has been verified by independent tests carried out on behalf of the company Frog srl, official producer of Climaboard skirting board heating system.
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