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Gifting is the ultimate emotional consumerism, as buyer behaviour is now driven by emotions.

Gifting is the ultimate emotional consumerism, as buyer behaviour is now driven by emotions. With Christmas just around the corner, it would be of great value to the consumer and your readers to be made aware of some of the wonderful offerings The Adult Box has in store as gifts this Christmas.

The Adult Box offers a selection of luxury lifestyle gifts, which have been carefully thought out and placed in our signature box. We understand that sometimes it can be a challenge to know what exactly should or could be brought to invoke a night of romance, intimacy or adventure, whether solo or shared; for men, women or couples. It is for this reason that The Adult Box was created.

The Adult Box presents to you themed luxury lifestyles gift boxes For Him, For Her and To Share. These gift boxes are targeted at affluent clientele whom seek an opulent experience and stellar service in luxury gifting. Once opened, the receiver experiences a delightful collectable of hand-picked and luxurious lifestyle pieces, sourced from innovative British designers and craftsmen.

These lifestyle gift boxes make a great gift for Christmas and will bring an elevated understanding of luxury via items such as: bath/body oils, intimate appeal, instruments of pleasure, loungewear, blindfolds, handcuffs, scented/massage candles and play accessories to name a few.

The ‘For Her’ gift box features chocolates from award-winning chocolatier Lauden Chocolates, alongside a luxuriously handcrafted sterling silver vibrator and elegantly designed lace and satin kimono.

The ‘For Him’ Box features silk boxer shorts from the world’s finest luxury sleepwear and underwear heritage brand, Derek Rose, as well as a 24 Carat Gold Gentlemen toy.

The ‘To Share’ Box is just as exciting, as it features a stunning ostrich and coque tickler, finished with a leather wrap stem and Swarovski crystal, designed exclusively for The Adult Box by leather extraordinaire, Paul Seville. Complementary to this are lizard skin and satin blindfolds/handcuffs, not to mention a stunning handcrafted titanium vibrating bullet.

These are just some of the gifts that await the lucky receiver of one of these boxes!

Treat him, Treat her, Treat them this Christmas.

About The Adult Box

The Adult Box is a gifting service, specialising in creating bespoke luxury lifestyle gift boxes for men, women and couples. The gift boxes are targeted at affluent clientele whom seek a more high-end shopping experience with a unique twist.

The Adult Box orchestrates a world of luxury gifting, working with some of the industry’s forward thinking and innovative designers and craftsman, who pride themselves on quality, meticulous design and delivery of service.

The delightful collectable of items found in the gift boxes showcases an elevated understanding of luxury through handpicked pieces such as massage/scented candles, chocolates, body oils, intimate apparel, instruments of pleasure, and play accessories to name a few. These gift boxes have been carefully thought out to evoke intimacy, romance and adventure.

The Adult Box prides its self in offering, nickel-free and hypoallergenic instruments of pleasure and lifestyle pieces. Their belief is that quality is of the utmost importance alongside buyer experience. Among their core strengths is a well-balanced portfolio of established and prestigious British brands.

These beautifully presented gift boxes can be purchased as an unexpected gift for multiple occasions throughout the year. The importance of discretion is understood which is way all gifts are placed in a signature box, then packed and mailed in the most discreet manner.

We welcome any questions and look forward to the possibility of you featuring our products where you see fit in your next addition.

Please find all of our resources in our media pack here our media pack here. This includes high-resolution product photos & logos.

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