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Enjoying your day after a poor night's sleep can be a struggle, leaving with you a short attention span, a lack of energy and tired facial features. For insomniacs, fighting these effects can become a daily battle. According to The National Sleep Foundation, 48% of Americans experience insomnia and 22% suffer from it regularly. Silksleep aims for each their customers to achieve the ultimate night's sleep and recommends their 100% silk eye mask as a remedy to restless nights.

Wearing a silk eye mask blocks out all distractions in the room, encapsulating the wearer in a calming and relaxed sleep state. Even napping in broad daylight is achievable, eliminating the glare of sunlight with the close fitting mask. With its softly cushioned padding and comfortable fastening, a 100% long fibre Mulberry silk eye mask from Silksleep will stay in place until morning, unlike poorer quality alternatives.

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