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“BOG OFF! I’m on the phone!”

-35% of Brits admit to using their phone while on the loo-

-Brits use their mobile during funerals and even whilst having sex-

Naomi Campbell used hers to assault her assistant, Rebecca Loos used hers to send Becks saucy text messages and Paris Hilton famously used hers while enjoying a steamy love making session. Now, a new survey of the UK population has revealed some equally intriguing facts about Brits and their mobiles.

The exclusive survey, conducted by, into the gadget habits of British people has found that Brits often exhibit possessive, rude or downright peculiar behaviour when it comes to using their mobile phones and favourite gadgets, including over a third of people who admit to using their phone whilst on the lav!

Furthermore, much like airhead hotel heiress Paris Hilton, an estimated 730,000 of the UK’s population have chatted on their mobile...

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