World's First Immersive HR Experience to be Held in Secret Location

The Chemistry Group is holding the world’s first immersive HR event. Held at a secret location in central London, this is unlike any other event in its field.

Chemistry wants to blow people’s minds and challenge the orthodoxy of recruitment. This event will give attendees a truly memorable and unprecedented experience that will change how we think about hiring people, and the whole way we deal with people in business.

Demand has been overwhelming, so attendees will be chosen by ballot. Successful candidates will be sent more details of the location and some of the proceedings shortly before the date.

Phill Bolland from The Chemistry Group said {{It's a completely new experience that people won't forget in a hurry, so we're hoping to make a big impression on the way people think about hiring.}}

The event is being held at 18:15 on the 20th and the 28th of April in an undisclosed location in central London.

The Chemistry Group believes that if we can change the way we hire people we can change the world.

We're offering a limited number of press passes to this event. To secure one, please contact Libby Godlee,

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We give people the opportunity to be brilliant at work. We’re a technology-powered management consultancy, who believe great people are the most important part of every business. 

We know one size doesn’t fit all, so we always find ‘What Great Looks Like’ for each organisation and every role we work with. Then we use our technology to find and develop great people.

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