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ArtVPS targets education market with Man and Machine


Shaderlight represents a step change in image rendering and there is a lot of potential for this innovative technology in the education sector

Leading Autodesk distributor Man and Machine to roll out Shaderlight interactive rendering software to UK education market

Rendering solutions provider ArtVPS today announced that Man and Machine, a value added distributor in the digital content creation market, has been appointed as distributor for Shaderlight with exclusivity within the UK educational sector. Part of the global Mensch und Maschine Group, Man and Machine is the sole UK Autodesk Education distributor and also acts as distributor for Google SketchUp Pro.

Launched as a plug-in to 3ds Max, Shaderlight is a powerful new renderer that alleviates workflow bottlenecks traditionally associated with 3D image creation and enhances the overall learning experience for students studying 3D visualisation. Shaderlight allows users to see the progressive refinement of a scene when objects or camera angles are altered, and make changes to materials, environments, lighting and textures (the MELT elements) at any stage in the rendering process – even on production quality images – without having to restart the render. This interactive approach provides a greater level of creative freedom than traditional rendering techniques as it is no longer necessary to waste time waiting for an image to re-render, leaving more time for visual thinking and communication.

Commenting on the appointment, ArtVPS Marketing Director Kate Marshall said: “The decision to appoint Man and Machine is part of a strategic initiative to deliver Shaderlight to the education market. The 3ds Max plug-in is just the first in a series of Shaderlight products that will give students the freedom to concentrate on being creative and develop an individual style. Our aim is to support the 3D talent of tomorrow through the delivery of interactive rendering solutions, and working with an experienced and reliable partner like Man and Machine will enable us to do just that.”

Tim Seaman, Managing Director of Man and Machine, added: “Shaderlight represents a step change in image rendering and there is a lot of potential for this innovative technology in the education sector. We look forward to working with ArtVPS and taking Shaderlight to market as a truly compelling alternative to traditional renderers.”


About ArtVPS

ArtVPS leads the way in the development of photorealistic rendering solutions that generate visually accurate representations of 3D scenes. Its revolutionary flagship rendering technology, Shaderlight™, is a physically based, progressive ray-tracer that enables interactive, nonlinear changes to the key MELT attributes (materials, environments, lighting and textures) at any stage within the rendering process – even on production-ready images.

Shaderlight is aimed at 3D artists and computer graphics professionals within the product design, architecture, engineering and media industries. The technology will transform 3D visualisation workflows, and represents a dramatic boost to both productivity and creative freedom when compared to traditional linear ray-trace renderers, which require the rendering process to start again whenever image parameters are changed.

Founded in 2002, ArtVPS quickly established itself as the leading developer of dedicated rendering hardware, developing the first processor designed exclusively to accelerate ray tracing of 3D data. ArtVPS is now pioneering the development of rendering software that fully exploits the increased capabilities of today’s processor technology.

About Man and Machine

Man and Machine Limited distributes a range of products to the digital design community. The company specialises in CAD (Computer Aided Design) software, which is distributed via its resellers to companies across the UK. As a value added distributor, Man and Machine not only provides an array of products, financial and logistical services to its customers, but also provides marketing, sales assistance and technical support to both its resellers and suppliers. The company is recognised for its ability to develop business outside of the established model via business creativity and innovation.

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