Juliette – A mother's story of hope in the face of adversity

Juliette – A mother's story of hope
in the face of adversity
Aude Lombard

Published Summer 2022
Paperback: £13.99
ISBN: 978-1-3999-1735-3
Kindle: £6.99
Pages: 126

“Juliette is the heart-moving story of a little girl whose short life
transcends the time she came to stay.”

A CHRISTIAN MOTHER who lost a child to perinatal death has released a book to help others facing their own tough situation find the courage and hope to embrace life beyond their present hardship.

In Juliette, Aude Lombard recounts her deeply moving story from the moment she and her husband Baptiste received the prognosis that their little girl would not live past birth, not only by sharing its profound painfulness but also the frequent moments of light.

With courage and frankness, she writes about the long eight months Juliette grew inside her and beyond, describing the journey as one “full of joy, peace and revelation” that often felt like gifts from heaven.

Aude says: “To reduce our story to that of parents who lost a baby with Trisomy 13 would mean missing out on the many learnings that came with our journey. I have never felt so close to God as I did through this challenge, right to the end. We learned that life has meaning and a purpose no matter how short.”

The book addresses a range of topics such as finding peace in the face of pain, bonding with your unborn child, when prayer ‘seems’ to go unanswered and rebuilding faith and trust. As such, Juliette will appeal to anyone facing a personal difficulty as well as those who enjoy books about the miraculous resilience of the human spirit.

The book does not shy away from the reality of Christian suffering. In its pages, Aude attempts to find “a balance between encouragement through faith and staying anchored in what’s real”.

It was only after her loss and during the grieving process that she turned to that age-old question people often ask when faced with similar tragic experiences: “Where is God in this?”

Aude says: “I wasn’t able to imagine how God would be able to use this. I couldn’t see past my hurt. With time, new perspectives opened, and with them peace and transformation came … gradually, I found the road to confidence.

The central message of Juliette is that God always delivers the right resources to face life’s adversities. We may not always know what we need, but God will provide the “boosts” that help. The book also reminds readers that is it healthy and natural to embrace their emotions by “leaving room to share what [they] are feeling, along with [their] fears and questions”.

Aude says: “This second part of the journey is just as rich in its teaching and is worth being valued. Sometimes, we can run after an instantaneous change, when there’s actually a maturing in the process of living out the challenge we are facing.”

In the book, Aude describes the changes she saw in her character, emotions and perspective. She learned that God is in the present, not in the past or future, and that this is where we will locate the resources of strength, joy, peace and love.

Whether readers are seeking inspiration or encouragement, in Juliette they will discover a heart-moving story full of hope in the face of adversity — because while sadness passes, joy remains.


Editor’s Notes

1. About the Author
Aude Lombard was born and raised in Paris and moved to Scotland in 2014. Initially a social enterprise business developer, Aude retrained as a counsellor specialising in bereavement and trauma in 2022. She holds interest in psychology and human complexity and has a passion to see people released and equipped to experience life to the full. Aude regularly speaks on topics such as:

• Finding hope and strength in the face of adversity
• Holding on to faith in the face of adversity and emotional pain, choosing to trust God
• Ordinary people experiencing the extraordinary
• Living in the present

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