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Not at all, says Fertility Show organiser Jonathan Scott; “Greece could be the right place to go for fertility treatment. Or the USA, Spain or Norway”.

The Fertility Show, which opens in London in less than 2 weeks – its 7th year – has more Greek IVF clinics exhibiting (7 in total) than in any previous year. All are determined to attract Brits to Greece for fertility treatment.

But it’s not just Greece. Also exhibiting are clinics from the USA, Spain, Portugal, The Czech Republic, Norway, Cyprus, Israel, Russia and the Caribbean.

So why should Brits go abroad for fertility treatment? Didn’t Britain, after all, invent IVF?

Says one exhibitor, Dr Elias Tsakos, British-trained gynaecologist, fellow of London’s Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists and Medical Director of Thessalonica-based EmbryoClinic IVF, “the usual reason for patients looking abroad is firstly, the availability of different treatment options...

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