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Great Britain has beaten Australia into second place in the Grand Final of this year’s Health Club Games, an international competition set across a number of gruelling events designed to establish the fittest nation in the world.

The Grand Finals on 22nd October were the culmination of months of hard work for thousands of individuals across the globe and Britain’s Hywel Davies was the victor this year, with Australian Adam Horder coming a close second. Last year’s champion, Finland's Mikko Venermo came 3rd. Surprisingly the USA did not feature in the top 10 places.

The Top 10:

1. Britain- Hywel Davies
2. Australia- Adam Horder
3. Finland- Mikko Venermo
4. Britain- Andrew Lett
5. Britain- Richard Vint
6. Britain- George Anderson
7. Britain- Will Whitmore
8. South Africa- Hermann Kruger
9. Britain- Mark Kleanthous
10. Britain- Steve Oxlade

Organiser of this year’s event Ben Leach comments:

"The 2005 Health Club Games has been a sensational event with incredible rivalry for the top 3 positions; beyond that it has shown that Great Britain lead the world in all round fitness. This has great implications for Britain’s performance in the 2012 Olympics - if we realise our potential and focus our efforts at every level we can take on the world and win! "

Hywel Davies, this year’s winner comments:

" The Health Club Games goes very close to being the ultimate all round fitness test. Maximal speed, strength, power and endurance are all tested along with will power and the ability to push yourself through multiple barriers. After this challenge you really do find out, just how fit you are."

The event helped to raise vital funds for Shelter and was sponsored by Oracle, the leading IT specialist.

Notes for editors:
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