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An enterprising young 25 year old has, under the brand name of Franky Wish®, begun an innovative and unprecedented project based around the protection of Apple products from chance blows or falls, thanks to a new generation of protective cases made with the innovative Pro Extreme Technology® and which furthermore combine extreme usefulness with a cool urban design. Without a doubt, this is an interesting initiative which fills an obvious gap in the European market for this type of product.

December 30, 2010, Murcia, Spain. – A young businessman, Francisco A. López, has developed an interesting new business initiative under the brand name Franky Wish®, based on the design, creation and development of protective cases to shield various different Apple devices (iPad, Mac y iPhone) from possible blows or scratches, currently in high demand worldwide. His enterprise, The Franky Wish Company, is located entirely in Spain, where the products are designed to produce a sound...

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