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Grobag Baby Sleep Bag

Grobag is leading the way in safety for Baby Sleep Bags by meeting BSI’s new specification, (BS 8510:2009, Child use and care articles. Safety of children's sleep bags. Safety requirements and test methods), which details the safety criteria for all Baby Sleep Bags. The Gro Company has been involved in the development of this British Standard from the start.

In 2001 the owners of Grobag worked with Intertek Testing and together took their own in-house safety standard to the Baby Products Association (BPA) and asked them to develop a voluntary code of practice that would perhaps one day be the basis for a British Standard. Four years after the BPA Code of Practice was published work commenced on the British Standard with the guidance of Robert Anslow, Product Safety Consultant for the BPA and Chairman of BSI Committee CW/1. Grobag, along with other key organisations were on the working committee...

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