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Contact: Sarah Michelle Willis Subject: Health & Lifestyle
Type: Case Study Contact: 07958 490263
Date: 17 April 2012 Ref: THD17BF

“After 8 years and a journey of 200 miles, I was finally cured of my painful haemorrhoids.”

David Woodhead, a 35-year-old Chartered Surveyor from Huddersfield in West Yorkshire, had been troubled for eight years by pain, discomfort and bleeding from the rectum during and after using the toilet. This worrying symptom got progressively worse until eventually in 2010, David plucked up the courage to go and see his GP, who referred him for several investigations, including blood tests, a colonoscopy and an endoscopy. Sometimes, bleeding from the rectum can be an indication of a serious disease such as cancer, but to David’s great relief, the investigations ruled out...

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