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Summers perform classic British Rock

Tipped as the next big thing in classic British rock, music from the emerging band Summers is thrilling rock fans across the UK. With an uncompromising signature sound of twin guitar led riffs and memorable lyrics the band from the South Coast of England, is bridging the gap between stadium rock legends and the current new wave of music, taking the 1980s’ genre and firmly making their mark on it.

Gary Bushell, journalist for The People newspaper and former music critic of Sounds Magazine says: “You will believe Classic Rock is alive and well, you will sing the songs all the way home, you will get your daughter pregnancy tested in the morning! “ Likening their potential to that of Def Leppard he continues: “Summers’ debut album could well have as many hit singles as Def Leppard’s Hysteria.”

There are some great acts joining Summers on the bill...

The Macaulay’s: Live & Unsigned 2009 winner 17 year old Charley Macaulay and her new band...

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