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We tell our clients all the time, 'if you've nothing to hide, you've nothing to worry about'. With that in mind, why do so many investigators have problems with licensing our industry? Here at the 'lady detective agency' we believe the answer is simple! They too have something to hide!

We wholeheartedly welcome the news from Theresa May today. Finally, private investigators are going to be licensed.

We can say goodbye to the fraudulent people that plague our industry and tarnish our reputation. We're traditional investigators. We don't snoop behind computers and access criminal information. Our ethics and morals have always remained in tact, and we use traditional methods to get our answers. We don't need illegal information because our staff are experts in their jobs, and they simply do not require it.

The lady detective agency is a female run private investigation company, based in Manchester - solving problems all over the world....

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