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A prominent leprosy charity has spoken out against the trailer for a new animated film that portrays those affected by the disease for humorous effect.

The trailer promoting Aardman’s ‘The Pirates! – In An Adventure With Scientists', which is due for release in March this year, combines an astonishing insensitivity with a lack of awareness of disability issues when it shows an arm falling off a character on a so-called ‘leper boat’.

In the scene, the ‘Pirate Captain’, voiced by Hugh Grant, arrives on the ship demanding gold. He is told by a crewmember that there is none on board because “this is a leper boat”, at which point the man’s arm falls off. This is, of course, meant to be comical.

Since 1874, the Leprosy Mission England and Wales (TLMEW) has been working to eliminate the causes...

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