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The measles outbreak has generated an unprecedented number of enquiries and sales of measles antibodies blood tests from across the country

Blue Horizon Medicals, one of the UK’s largest private blood testing companies, is reporting a surge of interest in a measles immunity blood test following the highly publicised measles outbreak centred in and around South Wales.

Their home blood tests website has received nearly 600 measles immunity enquiries a week, over the last three weeks, compared to one to two a month normally. The Measles Immunity Blood Test checks for measles immunity levels in the bloodstream.

Blue Horizon Medical’s, clinical director, Paul Harris explains:
“The measles outbreak has generated an unprecedented number of enquiries and sales of measles antibodies blood tests from across the country.”

“This is mainly from people who do not have a record of their childhood immunisations, or those who believed they missed the booster jab and either don’t want to, or are unable to contact their health provider.”

“Some females trying to get pregnant want to ensure they are protected. Also, people who know they, or their children, have not been vaccinated, but believe they have been exposed to measles - now want to check to be sure they have developed sufficient immunity, and to do so quickly.”

The home test kit includes an easy to use finger pricking lancet, collection vial and pre-paid laboratory envelope. Results are available within two working days from receipt of the sample for an inclusive cost of GBP 77.63. The fully accredited blood laboratory is based in the UK and will advise if there is sufficient immunity or no immunity against the disease. If the latter, clients are advised to visit their local health provider to arrange immunisation as quickly as possible.

The most effective way of preventing measles is the measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccine. This comprises of two jabs, the first MMR vaccination is usually given to children around 13 months old and a booster is given before the child starts school.

In the last few weeks, thousands of non-routine MMR vaccines have been given – including more than 10,000 across Wales in the last week alone. Public Health Wales is warning that the outbreak is showing no signs of ending and more vaccines still need to be given, particularly in the 10 to 18 age group.

Blue Horizon Medicals is a health screening and blood testing company that arranges private blood tests nationally. The company is run by registered nurses and doctors and uses fully accredited blood testing laboratories based in the UK. For further information contact Paul Harris email: or by telephone on: 0800 0988751


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