Menopause in the workplace

Menopause in the workplace

Menopause symptoms can have a significant effect on all aspects of your life, including at work. Not everyone going through the menopause will want to discuss their symptoms with managers or colleagues. But if you do, it’s important that you feel supported, understood and heard.

In the Winter 2023-24 issue of The Menopause Exchange newsletter, Norma Goldman, founder and director of The Menopause Exchange, writes about the impact of the menopause on work, and how workplace stress can make your symptoms worse. She also discusses how you can help yourself, and how your workplace should proactively be able to help you.

“The impact of the menopause at work shouldn’t be underestimated,” says Norma Goldman. “Physical and emotional symptoms can have a huge impact, not only affecting women who are going through the menopause, but also their colleagues. Many women don’t seek the help they need, instead suffering in silence, but they shouldn’t be embarrassed to bring up the topic of the menopause. It’s important to make sure that their colleagues understand what they are going through, and that their workplace provides practical help and support.”

Other articles in the Winter 2023-24 issue of The Menopause Exchange quarterly newsletter include Progestogens in HRT, Osteoporosis after the menopause, and Digestive problems at the menopause, as well as news, Ask the Experts Q&As and information about Norma Goldman’s webinars, talks and workshops.

The Menopause Exchange, which was established in 1999, is unbiased and independent and isn’t sponsored by any companies or organisations. Our free quarterly newsletter contains articles written by top UK medical experts, including menopause consultants, GPs, specialist menopause nurses, pharmacists, dietitians and complementary practitioners. We also include news, book reviews and our ‘Ask the experts’ page. Each issue of The Menopause Exchange’s free quarterly newsletter is emailed to over 13,000 people, including women, men, healthcare professionals, complementary therapists, workplace managers and journalists.

Menopause webinars: Your readers may be interested in organising a webinar for their family and friends or workplace. For over 24 years, Norma Goldman has been presenting menopause talks and workshops. Her in-depth knowledge has helped thousands of women enjoy a more comfortable menopause. She’s now hosting her own regular webinars via Zoom. Norma’s ‘Understanding the menopause’ webinar is suitable for women at or approaching the menopause, women who have had a premature menopause (before age 40) or a hysterectomy, or anyone with an interest in women’s midlife health. Post-menopausal women can attend presentations too. If women join the webinar, they’ll be able to ask questions, receive a factsheet and hear about other women’s experiences. To attend a webinar, arrange one for a group of friends or to find out more information, women should e-mail or call 020 8420 7245.

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1. The Menopause Exchange was launched in June 1999.
2. Articles in previous issues of The Menopause Exchange newsletter include: Premature ovarian insufficiency (POI); Menopause in different cultures; HRT risks; Complementary medicines and therapies at the menopause: Healthy diets from around the world; Brain fog at the menopause.
3. The founder and director of The Menopause Exchange is Norma Goldman. Norma has a pharmacy degree and a Master’s degree in health promotion. She gives webinars, talks and workshops on the menopause to employees in the workplace including hospitals, women’s groups, healthcare professionals, GP practices, organisations, companies and at exhibitions.
4. Victoria Goldman, editor of The Menopause Exchange newsletter, is an experienced health journalist, editor and proofreader, with a BSc. degree in Biomedical Science and a Master’s degree in Science Communication. Her two crime novels, The Redeemer and The Associate, are available from Amazon, Waterstones and other book retailers. The Redeemer was shortlisted for Best Debut Crime Novel of 2022 in the Crime Fiction Lover Awards. The Associate is shortlisted for Best Indie Crime Novel of 2023 in the Crime Fiction Lover Awards.
5. The aim of The Menopause Exchange is to raise the awareness of the menopause among women, men, healthcare professionals, complementary practitioners, line managers, health and safety officers and anyone else who is responsible in the workplace for the wellbeing of employees.
6. All press enquiries to Norma Goldman on 020 8420 7245.